Thursday, December 1, 2016

Post-MoFo Post

Hi everyone! Well, Vegan MoFo has come and gone, but I am still in the blogging everyday mode. Not sure how long it will last, of course, but let's roll with it!

Tonight I made a simple dinner to use up the last of the Morningstar steak strips that I'd gotten for my Philly cheesesteak and the small red potatoes that came with the yellow and purple potatoes I used in the multicolor meal. It was quite yummy!

Also, here are two fun things that I bought as holiday treats to try out...

And finally, here are some cute pictures from today; first Cringer and Leela were hanging out on the bed, and later Daisy and Buttons were sharing the sunshine on the floor...

Peace. :)


  1. Your dinner looks delicious!! I saw those peppermint dandies somewhere, maybe Natural Grocers? Anyway they really piqued my interest. I haven't seen that flavor of tea, but I am a fan of Nuni tea. I can't wait to hear what they're both like!
    Love love love the meowzers!!

    1. Thanks so much! :) The peppermint Dandies I found at our local health food store; I'd looked for the pumpkin-flavored ones back in fall but hadn't been able to find them, so these ones were a pleasant surprise! The tea is good, not as great as I was hoping, but still fun to try!