Saturday, October 7, 2017

Goddess Noodles with Tempeh & Broccoli (Isa Does It)

Hi everyone! Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is "Original vegan," so I made the goddess noodles from Isa Does It. I didn't have enough broccoli, so I just used what I had (~2 cups instead of 6) and also left out the chives. 

It was such a filling lunch; I couldn't finish the bowl that I'd served myself. The broccoli was extremely welcome; I didn't get nearly enough veggies this week, and the broccoli had such a nice crunch to it. If I make this recipe again, I might try peanut butter instead of tahini, though; I wasn't as big a fan of the tahini sauce as I hoped I'd be, but it was still good overall. I'll probably use the rest of the tahini in hummus.

Here's my Inktober sketch...

Here's Leela being adorable...

And here's Buttons; this morning she jumped from the floor to the top of the cat tower! 

I had been worried when I saw what she was planning (What if she can't make the jump and falls? What if she hurts herself? Maybe I should just pick her up and put her there...), but I stayed back and watched, and she got there all on her own, easily. It made me really happy to see her there; it's always been one of her favorite spots.

"You're proud of me, right?"

"I'm proud of me."

Peace. :)


  1. So great when they are able to get around and do their favourite things. <3

    I really like that recipe, it is a good one. A good book!

  2. This looks gorgeous, I don't think I've ever tried this recipe but I'll mark it down. Broccoli and tahini are two of my favourite things!

    1. Thanks, Jenny; I heard lots of good things about this recipe, so I'm glad I finally tried it! :)

  3. What a great looking meal! I know what you mean, pasta is filling on it's own and then adding broccoli definitely makes it hard to finish the bowl. Love the sketch, as always and I love seeing those sweet faces!

  4. I liked the tahini but peanut butter would be pretty awesome too.

    1. Interestingly enough, I liked the tahini sauce better when I had the leftovers. But yeah, peanut butter is great in so many things. :)