Friday, October 13, 2017

Homemade Pickles

Hi everyone! Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is "Sell yourself." This summer I grew a bunch of cucumbers in my garden and I couldn't eat them fast enough so I started making pickles. I just chopped the cucumbers, boiled water & vinegar & a scoop of a pickling mix, poured the boiling liquid over the pickles, waited, and then put them in jars and into the fridge. (This is the quick version, and the pickles should be eaten within three months.) I've eaten quite a lot of pickles this summer and fall, but that's good because I like pickles and it's fun to eat foods you've grown and prepared yourself. These five jars are the pickles I still have left to finish by mid-November. So, all that's to say, while I'm not looking to sell these pickles, I'm willing to share...

Here's my Inktober sketch...

Here's Leela on the bed...

And here's Buttons back in the cat tower again this morning...

Peace. :)


  1. Pickles! I love pickles, though I only ever make the quick versions as well. I am terrified of killing people with botulism with any sort of long term pickle/canning/jarring type thing.
    I do love how quickly you can make your own pickles.

    1. Thanks, Susan! :) And yep, I totally understand; I had considered trying to do the longer preservation method but eventually decided against it -- I was just too worried about making a mistake with it and didn't want to take that risk!

  2. I love, love LOVE pickles!! And sweet Buttons! And of course beautiful Leela!