Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kyoto Stir Fry

Hi everyone! Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is "Grocery store tips and tricks." I don't really have too many tips & tricks. When getting groceries, I just try to keep it simple and be as efficient as possible. I usually start at Giant because I can find most of what I need there. Then, if I need to, I'll go to the health food store -- Kimberton Whole Foods -- for whatever's left. It's a really nice store, a local family business with lots of vegan specialty items in stock. In addition to whatever ingredients I'll need that week, I always make sure to grab a quick meal, something that I can just heat up when I don't feel like cooking and/or don't have time. The dinner I had tonight was one such quick meal -- the Kyoto Stir Fry bowl from Sweet Earth -- something new I'd grabbed when it was on sale. It was good, but a little plain; I had to add some sriracha.

Here's my Inktober sketch...

Today was another dreary sort of day, so here's a throwback picture of Daisy back in the summer when she was sitting in the window, a nice breeze coming through the screen...

Buttons hasn't eaten much today, so the vet gave us a new appetite stimulant to try. Fingers crossed that it will work (or continue to work; she's just now eaten some dry food for me, yay!). Here's Buttons from last night; I took this pic after I had to get up from what was an incredibly adorable cuddle session; she had snuggled in between me & Zach on the couch and kept stretching against us and curling back up and being just way too cute...

And from this morning...

"Yes, I jumped back up here."

"Can you stop with the pictures so I can settle in?"

And from this afternoon, when she joined me for yoga...

Peace. :)


  1. What a sweet girl, helping you with yoga. I am glad she ate a bit today.
    We don't get a lot of those freezer vegan meals here, and the ones we do have are so expensive! Some of them because they are imported from the US, but others are local brands and... ouch! But I do have an Amy's Pad Thai that I bought one day still sitting in my freezer for an emergency.

    1. Thank you, Susan! I tried the Amy's Pad Thai and really liked it! :D

  2. awwwws to the kitty pics! It's funny...the first time I tried that Kyoto Bowl I wasn't sure if I liked it that much but the 2nd time I tried it I really liked it!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! That's good that you liked it on the 2nd try! :)

  3. I've never tried the Kyoto bowl, but I love the curry tiger burrito by sweet earth foods!
    Sweet little Buttons.I'm so happy she ate a little for you!

    1. I tried the curry tiger burrito and enjoyed it, too! I know, I'm so happy every time she eats! :)